AND SO IT BEGINS (well, sort of…)

I recently started writing – again. A job has been drawn to a close and a summer of house-moving is behind me. All over my fantasy lands, characters are stirring once more, facing impossible situations and wondering if survival is a dream too far. These characters are using all their skills and attributes to fight their way to the front of my mind, in the hope that they will have the ‘X-Factor’ and the promise of a literary life. Those who fall by the wayside will be condemned to the unknown – the darkest shadowy depths.

Still, this is not all ‘fantasy’ lands, giving the illusion of unicorns, hobbits and dragons flitting about without a care. My first completed novel (not to be confused with all the incomplete ones), ‘Fire in the Straw’, was set in the historical mish-mash mayhem of the time-city of Loxeter. In Loxeter,  big medieval centres were recreated by those who ended up in there, to remind themselves of their homes on earth – Tallinn, La Rochelle, Worcester, Bruges, Venice, Kilkenny, Toledo and Bamberg. So Loxeter ended up with lots of parallels with earth – or earth some hundreds of years ago, as Mac discovered when he was tricked into going there from the 21st century. A fantasy land, but not all fantasy.

And so, I have started on a new adventure and a fictional city-state is about to impose itself in a modest area of Renaissance Italy – 1486 to be precise. No doubt hardened historians will worry about adding to history fact and twisting and turning this and that. I love history and all the facts that go with it but I love stories as well and, if I can mix the two, I will. I am sure there are many out there who will understand and I hope they will make contact as 2016 rolls out and 2017 begins to unfold.

In my fictional city-state, a prince is about to get the shock of his life and I will be keeping you all updated here with tasters and teasers about the  journey he I have started together. I will be blogging about the triumphs, the occasional traumas and the sporadic tribulations that are the bread and butter of full-time writing.

However, I have won this time; I have cleared my decks so that I can be as creative as I please, without a different sort of full-time job constantly muscling in, like grey squirrels in a forest of red squirrels. The time of red squirrels is here!